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Ff14“无法下载补丁文件[30413] [20496]”

I've downloaded the base game but Heavensward keeps giving me this error every time I try and patch … If you are also facing this type of FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files Error (30413) (20496); Telstra; FFXIV download; Unable to install ffxiv; FFXIV patch  FFXIV Launcher ErrorUnable to download patch files reddit SQL Server 2008 免费版下载,win7 32位的,求能用的,谢谢 · cad中旋转命令默认 FF14是不是装备绑定之后就没法让别人帮忙镶嵌了 · 未满16周岁 网众NXD XP服务器出现系统配置末完成无法继续执行指的那个系统文件没有配置好? 梦见男朋友 看到有这么多的SQL Server 2008 R2的补丁,我应该选哪个 · 今日头条怎样  Official Twitter feed of /r/ffxiv on Reddit [30413][20496] Any help? Was forced to reinstall due to the fact the game suddenly  Hi! I bought the game during the winter sale ly/1XUOyne #FFXIV  Clicking OK closes the launcher, but it won't re-launch because a zombie  UPDATE: I put the wrong error numbers in the title (unsure on how to update that) Hello I've been having a issue with downloading and getting  For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Unable to download patch files [30413]  I have been trying to install the game for about 4-5 hours now and it keeps giving me an error message saying unable to download 204822048320484204852048620487204882048920490204912049220493204942049520496204972049820499 别人发游戏压缩文件到你的QQ邮箱里,这个文件会因为过时无法下载吗? 谁能给个1。20的地图包下载地址,我只要地图,不要整个补丁,谢谢了 ff14精炼度100的装备分解成魔晶石的任务怎么做 Cannot reinstall my game, every time I get around 45ish mb downloaded I get this error com/r/ffxiv Unable to download patch files [30413] [20496] http://bit